Healthy Toolbox


We’ve put together some helpful resources to help keep you healthy!


Benefits of Blueberries-Eating blueberries can lead to some surprising health benefits!

Calculating Caloric Intake-Wondering how many calories you should be consuming? Here’s how you calculate it!

Decreasing Physical Inactivity-The physical activity pyramid of what to cut down on and what activities you should be doing more of.

Food pyramid vs healthy eating plate-The old food pyramid has been updated. Check out the reasoning behind the new healthy eating plate.

The Healthy Eating Plate-More detailed information on the healthy eating plate.

Healthy Substitutes-Need some ways to make those home cooked meals healthier? Look at this list of healthier food substitutes.

Helpful Apps– Here are some apps to help keep you active and eating healthy during your day through your smartphone.

Is There A Perfect Diet? -Wondering what that perfect diet is? Read this short article.

Low Fat Diet Ineffectiveness-The truth behind the low fat diet.

Physical Activity vs Exercise-What the difference is and what is recommended for you.

Physical Inactivity-The negative effects of physical inactivity and what physical inactivity really is.

Reading Food Labels-How to read those confusing food labels and understanding what it all means for you.

Mediterranean Diet -The Mediterranean Diet explained and why it has been so effective.

Serving Size -How much a serving actually is when compared to your hand.

Mindful Eating -A different approach to eating that you may find helpful.

Trans-Fat-More information on one of the worst types of fat for you.

Reading Whole Grain Labels -What’s the difference between whole grain, some whole grain and no whole grain? Read this chart to get a better understanding.

Whole Grain vs. White Grain-Understand the difference between Whole Grain and White Grain.

The Glycemic Index-View three Glycemic Index categories and see which food groups fall into each.